Anyfin Case Study

City and location of client: Stockholm, Sweden
Industry of the client: Finance Technology

Business overview

Anyfin, a company based in Sweden is working in revolutionizing the financial service industry. With years of experience from risk assessment, credit and technological development, together with people specializing in design and programming, artificial intelligence and credit counseling, they are working towards driving change in the industry.

When Anyfin reached out, they were in a stage of rapid growth and needed design professionals to delegate their work to. The solution they were looking for needed to be flexible enough to suit a rapidly changing startup, and produce output of high quality to match the rigid expectations and requirements.
Project team
Vadims Zhuks
Mariam Makharadze
Senior designer specializing in social media
Alexandra Maksimova
Project Management

Objectives and perspectives

Anyfin’s main objective was to supply banners, social media and digital marketing content that would reflect Anyfin’s mission.

Anyfin came to Green Pixel with an unusual request - to create both dynamic and static content to be used across their marketing channels.

The content needed to appeal to their target audience but also reflect the atmosphere of the business itself.

The Challenge

Anyfin’s main goal was to create a self-sufficient design system that would take on any tasks and free up their hands to focus on the growth and development of the company.

Anyfin wanted a multi-skilled team for their wide range of task types - banners, animations, branding.

They also wanted to keep the team lean, and hire just enough talent to take care of their design pipeline. Efficiency, ease of collaboration and an adaptive workflow were all of the highest importance for this collaboration.

The solution we offer

Step 1
Creation of a team based on Anyfin’s monthly design needs. Each of the months following that, we assessed the number of designers involved.
Step 3
Set up weekly check-in video calls in order to have direct contact and communication with both the GreenPixel and Anyfin teams
Step 2
We integrated into Anyfin workflow, making it as easy to manage as possible for their team, using the project management and communication systems chosen by the client: Trello and Slack
Step 4
Ensured that the designers were self-managed, making the time spent on management from client side as little as possible


During the months of our collaboration we were able to create a variety of banners, animations and promotional materials for all of their marketing channels and campaigns - allowing them to quickly test new marketing strategies and not worry about the execution of the designs.

Here is an example of a creative banners, both static and not static.
The By collaborating with GreenPixel, the in-house team had more freedom and time to work on the brand and other high-level productions. They led an effective workflow through weekly meetings and a Trello board for tasks. Overall, the partnership led to a fruitful collaboration.”
Isabel Garcia Toivanen
Producer at Anyfin
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