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May 16, 2022

Imagine, you see a great product online, but the visualization such as different shifts, text sizes, and constantly changing colors everywhere on the website & product page look unprofessional and confuses the client and does not  create products' brand image. 

The design system (built on webflow, for instance)  helps maintain a uniform style of the website or webpage  and makes life easier for the design team while working on the project. We figured out what the design system is and why it saves time and nerves, and how to create it. 

P.S. Please note, that the design systems could not be implemented for Social Media.

What is a design system built on Webflow? 

A design system is a set of brand elements and tools that helps to maintain the visual homogeneity of all products on the website page. The Webflow design system gives  the freedom to make the changes a website's owner needs without relying on developers or coding.

Webflow Design System consists of such components as: 

  • design process guidelines; 
  • a design pattern library;
  • design rules and values that drive your design team;
  • a collection of UI-focused components like buttons and other components that allow teams to create UI-friendly designs. 

Why do I need the design System?

If you are in a fast-scaling company , the flow of projects is growing, deadlines are burning, and designers have to constantly create new visual elements. Not very easy, isn’t it?

Without a design system, it will be 50 times harder to find a new approach for new tasks to create absolutely new design elements , especially in the conditions of tight deadlines. In order for the team not to generate ideas outside of the general visual rules,it is possible to assemble all design patterns in the pattern library - this will increase the speed and scalability of the design.

It will also help:

  1. to develop the logic of visual brand distribution
  2. to build a unified style of all products and increase brand awareness
  3. to avoid conflicts between the design department and the project managers, because everyone will understand  the brand concept 
  4. simplify and speed up the creation of new products, because all the necessary visual elements will be at hand
  5. to eliminate inconsistency

How can you use it at your company?

Design systems have proven useful for everyone, but especially for companies that are growing rapidly, developing, and in which new services are constantly appearing.

Good design systems are flexible to a company’s growth and changes, that is why especially  no-code design systems are the future of website design development.  

Design systems built on Webflow allow to minimize the work spent on product/project/website development by developers and engineers, because of easy usable design patterns, design pattern library, design process guidelines and other benefits.

To start using the design system built on Webflow it is needed only to: 

  1. Analyze the existing product- review all of its various front-end design elements.
  2. Think of your brand’s design language on the website: color palettes, typography, iconography, and imagery.
  3. Build a pattern library of common design elements
  4. Establish guidelines for the team: how, when and what type of design elements are used.

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