Case Study

Website Redesign Focused on Brand Values

Lasha Tsomaia

November 8, 2021

Business Overview

Traffic Dog offers SEO services for start-ups, SMB, and enterprises. For a fixed monthly rate, companies get a team of SEO experts to work on generating organic traffic to their website and UI/UX optimization.

The old Traffic Dog website had only a few design elements, and it was difficult to use and manage. Any changes took weeks to implement. Because Traffic Dog is a dynamic and changing business that loves to experiment with A/B testing and different options for the website, they needed a solution that allows them to leverage that.

GreenPixel's no-code approach to website building on the Webflow platform was the ideal solution. Not only are websites built with Webflow easy to manage, but they look good and convey professionalism.

Objectives and expectations

Traffic Dog asked us to design a dynamic website that their team can make changes to within hours. The website needs to have eye-catching design elements that complement the message Traffic Dog is trying to convey, with the information structured in a way that explains the product and its benefits clearly.

The main goal of the redesign was to optimize the website in terms of sales to increase the following KPIs:

  • User visits to pages other than the homepage
  • Scroll time
  • Service subscriptions
  • Time spent on page

Our approach

We offered to perform in-depth research in website effectiveness and create a no-code, design-focused website on Webflow.

Phase 1: Research

Goal: Conduct research and optimize the site, keeping in mind the client's expectations. The client emphasized wanting the dog, featured in the name of the brand, to be showcased on the front page of the website. There should also be a visual path for users to follow when they first land on the website. The client also wanted a cleaner look for the buttons.

Here are the areas we researched:

  • What does the platform look like currently? What kind of message does it send. Does it answer all of the questions the client might have? Is it capable of selling the product that Traffic Dog offers?
  • What are the client's expectations, and how can we match that?
  • How will the architecture change?

Phase 2: Execution

Goal: Based on the conducted research, create an optimized website on Webflow that Traffic Dog will love.

During this phase, Green Pixel designers:

  • Created preliminary style guide and base template (mood board, colors, typography), among which is the main visual - the animated dog to suit the brand theme
  • Designed the page architecture, changed the colors for page titles, and displayed a clear path of buttons, text, and visuals that create website navigation the client had intended



Before: the main CTA buttons are not visually distinct.
After: the design draws the eye to the CTA buttons, displaying a clear hierarchy of page importance.


Before: the first fold was a photo of the team. Although it conveys professionalism, it does not add to what the brand is trying to communicate.

After: an animated image in a brand-centered design.

Visual hierarchy

Before: small logos, no clear visual hierarchy.
After: a clear message with the important information and CTA buttons in a bright color.

List of partners/clients

Before: small logos that are difficult to notice.
After: animated, eye-catching logos.

Features list

Before: difficult to read and distinguish on the site.
After: visually separated into squares with icons and bold text.
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