Design the Perfect Black Friday Campaign with 5 Tips

Alexandra Maksimova

November 3, 2022

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated days, especially for businesses with eCommerce stores. What's not to like? Businesses increase their profits while shoppers get those sweet deals they have been waiting for. This article will give you some tangible tips as well as Black Friday design ideas and inspiration to prepare a showstopping campaign.

How effective design can increase your Black Friday sales?

Here is a quick fact - some companies make up to 25% of their ANNUAL profits on Black Friday. Achieving this level of success is impossible by simply making a small announcement of your sales. These companies spent months preparing their Black Friday campaigns, engaging with their customers, and employing effective Black Friday designs to make people buy.

Here are some tips to absolutely nail this year’s Black Friday:

1. Post a sneak peek of what will happen

Give your customers a glimpse into what they can expect from you on Black Friday - show the behind-the-scenes on your company's Instagram story, tease your customers' interest and make sure they are excited and waiting for updates. Whether you are selling to Businesses or straight to Customers, they have to make room in their budgets to spend money on your product, so having them prepared in advance helps them plan and helps you as a business get more sales.

2. Play with colors

All holidays have their signature colors in the marketing world - for Christmas, it's white, red, and green. For Halloween, it's orange, green, and black. Like any other event, Black Friday has its own color palette, so it makes sense to include these colors in your promotional materials. These colors are - black in combination with red, yellow, white, or gold. These colors will help your users quickly identify where your Black Friday deals are.

3. Simple and bold, don't overcomplicate

Simplicity is key. You have a split second to capture the users' attention, persuade them to learn more about your product, and use the Black Friday deal you are offering them. So don’t overcomplicate your campaign. Be concise and straightforward about your messaging, imagery, and colors.

4. Extend your sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

It's a self-explanatory point - if you extend your sale, you give your customers a chance to carefully consider which product they want to buy, get their product (even if it is out of stock on Black Friday), and be more mindful about their spending. Some companies even go as far as extending their sales for the entire month.

5. Specific infrastructure for Black Friday - landing page, Black Friday banner ads

You heard it - experiment with switching up your social media feed with a new post, creating a unique Black Friday website banner, and making a Black Friday-specific website landing page.

How to design Black Friday landing page?

If you don’t want to spend days and months coding a new Black Friday landing page, you are in luck! With the new no-code movement, you can design, build, launch a page, and test it in a matter of hours or days! Webflow, for instance, allows you to get the exact design you expect on your page, iterate, change and launch quickly and effortlessly.

Need help with the unique Black Friday designs for your business? Green pixel is ready to help! Book a meeting with us and we will prepare an offer for you -!

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