How design briefs affect the deliverables

and tips to do them properly

Mihail Ceres

September 13, 2021

It’s no secret that having clear goals and instructions allows the whole team to achieve those goals quicker. Not being clear in your brief is like ordering chicken and expecting sushi - you simply won’t get what you expected. Clear instructions from the get go ensure that the whole team knows what they should be doing and helps avoid the endless back and forth just to start the project.

Many platforms through which this work is conducted, such as GreenPixel already have built in tools, to make the process of submitting a request as efficient as possible and provide the information necessary for the employee to work.

The basics.

For instance, all of the basic information about the task can be summarised by answering a series of questions such as : How can this task be described?; Do you need any text on your design?, In which format do you need the design?, Do you have any existing brand assets or guides?.

But creating effective briefs often goes beyond simply outlining the task.

Here are some things to keep in mind when assigning a task:

1. Does the employee have access to all of the technology that is required for this projects (login and access details etc) and likewise, does the team offer to work in the software that you require for the project. This is important to clarify before beginning to work.

We at GreenPixel allow the client to submit these in the form of a direct message.

2.Understand how much creative freedom you are willing to give to the team. Some people are comfortable when there is some degree of creativity to the projects, while others prefer that the team follows the instructions as clearly as possible. Usually the designers are able to read between the lines and see where they can allow themselves to be creative, and where there is simply no room for that, but in case the client has any extra requests regarding this, these can be submitted in the Description part of the brief.

3. Great work takes time, so schedule projects accordingly. It is important to take into account any revisions you might want for the project. The dates by which you would like to receive the final product can be either entered in the space outlined for it on our platform or communicated to us directly.

At the base of all of these tips is structured and constructive communication. Mastering how you communicate will drastically increase the quality of work delivered to you and leave the team more satisfied.

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