Instagram Marketing - how to do it correctly?

Alexandra Maksimova

October 21, 2022

Instagram marketing. Some think that Instagram’s popularity peaked in 2018-2019, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. The number of users on the app now is higher than ever before (around 2 billion), making Instagram the perfect marketing platform. But you are not the only business owner that came to this realization - the platform is highly saturated with paid and unpaid ads for all sorts of products and services. This means that in 2022, every business owner must have a specific and tailored marketing strategy for Instagram.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to Instagram strategies, but you need to be careful about the approach you move forward with. Here are some common methods you can consider when marketing your products and services on Instagram.

1. Mention your products

Show what you sell. Not briefly mention it, not explain what you sell. Show. Show the results your product brings to your customers, show how the product looks, show the emotions this product evokes. When briefly glancing at your Instagram profile, the user should be able to understand exactly what you sell and get a clear feel of the navigation on your page. You can have specific posts in “story highlights” to explain to the client how they can order, some FAQs, etc.

Here is how The Ordinary does it:

2. Make your story your USP

A USP (short for unique selling proposition) is how your product is unique from the others. A different price, design, packaging, speed of delivery are all examples of USPs.

The unique thing about Instagram and social media, in general, is that you can make your personal story as a seller your USP. You can highlight why exactly you are a unique seller, what your journey is, and make that part of the product and client journey as well.

3. Hashtags

There is a high risk of being shadowbanned if you use the wrong hashtags. Use too many, and Instagram can mark you as a bot and permanently delete your account. A good rule of thumb is to use 2-3 high-quality hashtags on your posts, allowing users who are searching for that keyword to see your posts. 

For instance, if you are a dance teacher in Boston, #danceboston could be a great, tailored hashtag for you. People searching those words are likely looking for either dance classes or dance equipment in Boston, and your profile might be right up their alley.

Here is a great example of how NastyGal was able to create their own hashtag to showcase their customer generated content:

4. Show off the content your users made

If your users like your product, they are more than likely to share it on their own social media platform - how they use it, what it looks like and how much they enjoy it. Don’t let that content go to waste! 

Reach out to the happy users of your customers and ask if you can use their content on your socials. Most people will happily agree, but you can give them a small discount or gift to encourage or thank them. You can even have small competitions where people can compete for a prize by posting a picture of themselves with your product or sharing your product on their social media.

5. Don’t underestimate Instagram stories

Instagram stories add a level of human interaction that no other feature or app offers - you post effortless, quick content that your audience can consume and interact with. Instagram stories are a great way to show the behind-the-scenes of your work and office, how your product is being made, and deliver points about the value of your product and brand through storytelling.

6. Create a regular posting strategy

Like TikTok, Instagram’s algorithm favors content creators who post as often as possible, and the phrase “quality over quantity” becomes slightly outdated in this environment. Posting as much content as possible and infusing it with as much quality as possible is the key. The vital thing you must not forget is to post content of all formats - photos, reels, stories.

Here is an example of how your weekly content calendar can look like:

  • Monday: Post a meme
  • Tuesday: Post a client testimonial and photo
  • Wednesday: Post a picture of your product
  • Thursday: Go live with an influencer
  • Friday: Post about a sale or exclusive “Instagram-only” discount
  • Saturday: Share your team’s weekend plans
  • Sunday: Promote a blog post about the benefits of your product

Here is an incredible example of how Crocs was able to integrate their product into a meme:

7. Promote Promote Promote!

It's a rare occasion that your customer will look for your Instagram, so you should be proactive and promote it yourself. Mention it in YouTube videos if you have a channel, on Linked In, and on Facebook. Give the viewers additional incentive to visit your page - such as having exclusive Instagram discount codes, exciting content, and helpful information!

Here is a great example of the type of content The Ordinary posts in order to provide their Instagram audience with useful content:

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