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Alexandra Maksimova

January 4, 2022

What does it mean to hire a remote worker? More specifically, what does it mean to hire a remote designer? What are the costs associated with it, is it cheaper or more expensive than in-house designers or hiring from a local agency? And how should a company go about hiring a remote design team? What are some of the things to look out for?

All of this and more we will break down in this article.

So what does hiring remote workers mean (in this case remote designers)?

A business with remote workers (often also called a hybrid work model setup) has a team of employees, some of whom work from a traditional office, while part of them work remotely (some days or all!) from home or internationally. It's called a hybrid work model because it is a mix between the traditional work model and the modern approach to working, which is carried out completely remotely. A remote graphic designer working from their home office in Bali working alongside an office worker in Finland? This is the new reality.

What is a joined workforce?

Joined workforce means that an employee or a team of employees join the company for a period of time, but are a permanent worker of another company, and are therefore representing them. The employee works as an active part of the company, on behalf of his mother company. A lot of the time this is done when an agency connects its clients with talents, so while the employee is officially working at the client's company, they are still primarily an employee of the agency. The employee is, in this case, integrated into the systems of both of the companies - communication channels, project management software and tools.

Alternative of hybrid teams - how to hire a graphic designer independently

An alternative of hiring talent through an agency or company is looking for the talent independently, through websites like Fiverr, or by personal recommendation.

But there are a few negatives to this approach:

  1. Taking too much time to find the perfect candidate

How agencies solve this: hey know the strengths of their employees so can match to the employees accordingly)

  1. Higher risk

Freelancers rarely have refund policies or work sign contracts, which means they are much less reliable.

How agencies solve this: when working with an agency, you usually already know that the business is established and worked with many clients before, so there is a higher degree of credibility. And before work even begins, work relations are set on paper with contracts.

  1. In case of illness, a freelancer has no replacement.

How agencies solve this: an agency usually has a large team, and in case of unexpected circumstances or illness, they can offer a replacement immediately, without missing a beat. This can be specifically important with employees such as remote graphic designers, because a lot of other processes depend on the outcome of their work.

What it costs (on average) to hire in-house designers in Nordic countries:

  • Salary
  • Tax
  • Overheads
  • Office set up

TOTAL per month:  €8,000 + bonus

TOTAL per year:  €480,000 + bonus

What it costs (on average) to hire remote designers in an agency like GreenPixel:

  • One flat monthly rate, which already includes taxes
  • No additional bonuses
  • No office setup
  • No overheads

TOTAL per month:  €4,960

TOTAL per year:  €297,600

Why does it cost less to hire remote employees that stay connected to your physical office digitally?

  1. Office setup is costly.

To hire a brand designer, hire a graphic designer, hire a dedicated web designer or any sort of employee, you need to set up their workplace. Office chair, desk, monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse, rent and coffee are just a few of the things needed to set up just ONE employee at a physical office. In a digital office environment the employee usually already has all of the tech needed to work, and a home office set-up so all of those costs are eliminated, so the client company is charged the minimum amount possible.

  1. Bonuses and perks.

All of these costs associated with employees are the responsibility of the agency, not the customer, unless they specifically want to do so.

  1. Digital tools and subscriptions.

Whether you want remote graphic design work or on-site employees Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator even basic tools like Canva cost money to use. If a remote designer is hired through an agency, all of these costs are covered by the agency, instead of the customer.

  1. Hiring, training and education.

When hiring from an agency, you don't need to worry whether your future employee has all of the necessary skills to complete the assigned task, interview them or train them if necessary. All of this is covered by the agency, you just enjoy the results without the hassle when working with an agency

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