Staying organised in a hybrid workspace

Alexandra Maksimova

October 17, 2021

Businesses globally are opting for hybrid workplaces - where people are no longer limited by conference rooms, offices and geographical areas. Not only do many employees globally have the opportunity to work from home, but also many companies are recruiting digital “additions” to their team. This has many benefits, such as multilingual and multifunctional teams, smaller recruitment and office management costs.

And the current global situation proved just how many of the traditional jobs can be done in a flexible, remote manner.

The problem many businesses are facing now is that managing these offices is becoming increasingly difficult. The manager can no longer peep over the shoulder of their employees and see what they are doing or arrange a quick meeting in the conference room with all the people there. 

Here are a couple of tips to stay organised while working in the new offices of the twenty first century:

  • “This meeting could have been an email”. Meetings are crucial to maintain a sense of connection and stay on track as well as to get guidance, but it's important to avoid overdoing it and wasting time. Can this 1 hour meeting be replaced by a short message or email to the right person? Then don't have that meeting.
  • Automation is your best friend. Businesses globally want to spend their time as efficiently and productively as possible. To avoid wasted hours it could be useful to try implementing a software like Jira into your team and automate. Make sure that the boring, routine and mundane tasks get completed automatically, with minimal involvement of the employees.
  • Brain, book, buddy, boss. Many of us have probably heard this silly saying when we were little but it stays true today. Maybe replace the book with Google or internal guides of the company ;) When facing a problem, first think how you can solve it independently, then look up how that problem can be solved, then chat to a colleague and if nothing else works, talk to your boss. This will minimise the amount of distractions for the whole team.
  • Embrace the work life balance. 

As your home becomes your workspace, the lines between work and personal time get blurred, and eventually result in burnout. To avoid doing that rest needs to be introduced systematically. Occasional rest - between every couple hours of work take a bit of time off to relax your eyes and body. Weekly rest - actually relaxing on the weekend and not letting work trickle in. Rest on vacation - after a period of work, say a couple months, taking a vacation, even a short one is a must!

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