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August 3, 2021

Webflow is revolutionising the way we build websites. It is flipping the current web-development paradigm that told us that the only way to a successful website is through long hours of coding and magic spells only known to Silicon Valley geeks.

But the truth, that so many IT wizards want to hide is that design is becoming the centre of attention. You can forget  about frantically trying to figure out the piles of code that fall apart and your disappointment when the final product is late and looks nothing like what you asked for.

At the heart of Webflow is the desire to make your website's visions achievable. It shows the website building industry that you can focus on design without losing efficiency.

The websites that are being built the old fashioned way are currently looking at around 90% coding and 10% design, but Webflow shifts that to a whopping 95% design and 5% code! This is removing the barriers of traditional website building, and allowing those interested in website building to explore new possibilities creatively.

Not only will this remove the gap between the expectations and the final product, but also allow you to execute website building more efficiently and involve your CRO team, who will add all of the details that will convert the traffic to your websites into sales. The ease with which you can make the changes will allow you to build in all of the little details that will make your website truly exceptional.

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