Why managing a remote team is easier

and more time effective than managing a traditional office.

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August 3, 2021

In one of our previous articles we spoke about the benefits of outsourcing and how digitally augmentation can change the way that companies globally operate. You can check out that article here.

What is equally important to talk about is management of these digital offices. Because your employees are no longer in your office, they cannot leave a neat report on your desk when they leave for the evening. However, with proper management, the results can be much greater than the results of any traditional office.

Better focus on the task. Not working in the office means that the employees don't get sidetracked by small irrelevant tasks that make their way to their desks. Outsourced workers understand that they have specific and clearly defined goals for the day which allows them to focus and stay on track.

Unlike people working in the office, your digital team cannot simply walk up to your desk and ask any questions they have. There is more friction when it comes to communication because there are more obstacles to it.

However, not having a person to manage their every step allows the employees to problem solve independently and approach the problem at hand creatively. This autonomy segways well into the next point which is the reduction in time spent micromanaging.

Less time is spent micromanaging also because when you choose to outsource your employees you have the freedom to only hire professionals that do not require extra training instead of resorting to local employees who need training in order to be up to par with their counterparts. Add to this the fact that there are many organisations globally that provide a self managed working ecosystem in addition to the employee, which does not require major maintenance from your side.

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