Your digitally augmented team.

How it works, what it is and why you need it.

Margarita Petrova

September 10, 2021

Digitally augmenting, also referred to as outsourcing your team means growing your team by hiring employees that work remotely and connect with the rest of your team digitally, without going to the office in person.

This new approach to building an office environment is what many companies globally are turning to, thanks to the rapid digitalisation of the workplace. This should not come as a surprise, as this approach has many benefits.

Here are some things to expect, when you chose this route:

1. Tighter control over the direction of the work.

When your employees work on-site, it is easy to overlook some of their lack of productivity and below optimum results, in the hassle of the everyday routine. Most digital teams have to deliver digital reports of their work and deliver visible outputs, thus making them more results-oriented.

2. Access to talents worldwide.

This means people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures will be able to communicate and thus improve the quality of work together. Talent does not know geography, and by hiring people to work remotely, you get access to professionals globally.

3. Freeing up your current employees to do what they are good at.

Very often the employees that are currently working in a company are overworked and lack focus, because of the sheer mass of tasks on their shoulders. This can be especially damaging for the team members that have a certain amount of creativity in their work. Exhaustion will kill creativity and not allow them to deliver quality resulting.

4. A chance to grow your business without expanding it permanently.

One month you might have more work so you expand your team and the next month your current employees are enough, and you downsize. Hiring people digitally removes the friction that comes with hiring and firing people in a brick and mortar office. It allows you to test whether a new employee is effective (and in fact required, long term!) without the commitment of a long term contract.

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