EHR Case Study

City and location of client: Riga, Latvia
Industry of the client: Radio and Media

Business overview

Radio Holding Company media production company based in Riga and founded in 1996 - has its roots in radio. Their main business operations are based in Riga, Latvia. At the moment, they have 5 FM radio stations.

Being the leading radio & stream station in the Baltics, Radio Holding Company understood that their assets need to be modernized and updated to be attractive for new users.
Project team
Andrejs Sidoss
Logo and Branding Design
Romans Bobonovs
UI and UX Design, Prototyping and Wireframing
Alexandra Maksimova
Project Management

Objectives and perspectives

The main goal of Radio Holding Company was to transform its old website into a modern, user-friendly page, and create a mobile application that would be compatible with applications such as Spotify and YouTube Music.

Additional tasks:
  • Creating a new, updated logo
  • Creating and up-to-date version of Radio Holding Company’s brand book
  • Updating social media visuals and banners

Opportunity / Challenge

Radio Holding Company hired GreenPixel to help conceptualize the design of the new platform and bring the complex vision into fruition. The goal, while doing so, was to offer a more refined and up-to-date music streaming and discovery service to our listeners.

Moreover, along with the design of the new platform, Radio Holding Company asked GreenPixel to create the brand book, logo design, and SM posters to accompany it.

Our approach

Step 1
Green Pixel offered to perform in-depth research on website effectiveness and create a unique and modern website and an application that will be competitive and user-friendly.
Step 2
After the initial analysis, a dedicated team was created specifically to the needs of the client, namely a logo designer and an UI designer.
We offered our two professional designers for Radio Holding Company’s project and achieved the results in 2 months! Below, you can see some iterations of how the visuals shifted and molded in order to what the logo looks like now! The progress has truly been a spectacular journey!

Platform Design Creation

Step 1
It was essential for us to understand the main purpose of the platform to create all the necessary features and make the platform in the most efficient way possible. Much attention was paid to analysis of Radio Holding Company’s needs, understanding of technical requirements and way of communication.
Step 2
When working on our product, our main aim was to not only bring the vision of the client to life, but also incorporate the best practices of UI and UX. We began with sketching, followed by  low fidelity wireframes, creation of the mood board and brand book, creating new logo and custom icons.

The main focus was on the user experience since GP wanted the Radio Holding Company platform to feel intuitive and easy to understand, thus encouraging their customers to develop loyalty to the brand.

GP designers decided to create the platform in the way it looks now since there are industry standards in music platforms, such as Spotify or Apple Music. These are the most commonly used platforms for listening to music, so they wanted to create something similar, with Radio Holding Company needs in mind.


Working with the GreenPixel team, we were able to bring our new platform from idea to reality! As we requested, the main focus was put on the user experience of the platform since we wanted the platform to feel intuitive and easy to understand, thus encouraging new customers to develop loyalty to our brand. GP helped us achieve this goal! Overall, the project was a great success!
Roberts E.
Digital Business & Product Director

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