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Hybrid teams

Make your design department efficient, high-end & scalable

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Hybrid teams

Make your design department efficient, high-end & scalable

Your go-to solution


Avoid overloading and overworking your design department with all of the tasks your company has. Ease their burden by letting us take over some of the design requests.

Management Complexity

Avoid the difficulties of managing an office full of employees and controlling every process.


We take great pride in the quality of work our designers produce, so you never need to worry about how the tasks are executed.


Make scalability easier for your department, by increasing capacity without efficiency losses.

Don't let problems stop you from growing

Let GreenPixel take care of your visuals and design so you can focus on growing your business.

Hybrid teams to the rescue!

Our designers will work behind the scenes and assist with all of the design requests, without interrupting your internal processes. Simply submit your request and enjoy the final result!

No hassle management.

Our newest feature - project managers, help you forget about the struggles of managing a huge team.They are trained professionals and will answer any questions you might have.
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Unlock the full design power on your business

Solutions for your growth

Augment your design department

Professionals helping you with daily design needs.

We carefully select the perfect designers for the job

After carefully considering the needs of the client, we select the person who fits these requirements best.

to go

Our efficient work process allows us to deliver designs quickly.

Hybrid team in

Latest and greatest UI/UX for your website and app to allow your company to reach its fullest potential.

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Design Departments
are complex

Creativity & Professionalism

Fully Integrated & Supported

Quality Assurance

Affordable & customizable


As a startup, the main focus is rapid growth. Being ahead of your competition and jumping at each opportunity.

Needless to say, nobody has time to micromanage each move of the team and spend time training new employees. You need employees that will pick up where you left off and not let the daily difficulties hinder your success.

We at GreenPixel encourage you to think outside of the box and expand your vision. GreenPixel allows you to hire professionals at the click of a button and get spectacular results.

Our designers are industry professionals with years of experience who will become a great addition to your team without requiring any training.

Aid your design process with a fully remote team of designers from GreenPixel.


We help you delegate the tedious and boring daily tasks to maximize your efficiency and productivity.
No time or brainpower should go to waste.

That is why we believe that fully remote designers are the best option.

Instead of distributing tasks between employees that are not qualified or free enough to do them or limiting the professionalism of the service you are getting to your local area, many agencies globally are choosing GreenPixel for all their designer needs.

Remove the complexity of managing a huge team, our newest feature allows you to communicate with a dedicated project manager, who will answer all questions, manage requests and add changes to the project.


Here are just some of the benefits companies get to enjoy when working with GreenPixel:

Each project and company, gets matched with the perfect professional for the task. The project manager together with the client select the designer who’s strengths perfectly suit the task.

Working with GreenPixel means no recruitment costs and a quality guarantee. Our best in the game designers work remotely and have all the necessary equipment to get started. Quickly integrable into all your company systems and ready to go.

Our system allows you to scale easily, and if you need more designers, you can hire them at any moment. All at the click of a button.

Your unique design.

We match your requirements completely while adding our own creative
spin on the project. At a fraction of the cost.